Friday, December 12, 2008

seriously, so funny!

This blog is hilarious! I can't remember how I stumbled across it, but it has been the source of many hours of entertainment and thankfulness that I am not a TAMN...LOL.

However, grateful as I am to be just Sarah, I would still love to win a giveaway, so I am linking to this particular post so that I can up my chances. Check it out. If nothing else it is good entertainment.

In other news I am sick as a dog...BAA!

Friday, December 05, 2008


I heart this little girl.

Friday, November 28, 2008

***I originally posted this blog on our family blog, but decided to move it over here. I appreciate all the wonderful and supportive comments left. We plan to publish our family blog once a year and I would rather leave out the negativity that this particular blog spurned. Thanks again for all the support!***

I want to preface this post by saying that this is how I, Sarah, feel. I do not speak for Matt or the kids, only for myself. While Matt knows and respects my choices and feelings, I would never speak on his behalf.

I am pro-gay rights. Shocked? Some of you are and some of you already knew this. I have had this discussion many times, but lately it has come up more and more with Proposition 8 in California and Amendment 2 on the ballot here in Florida. I have for several years been a proponent of gay rights. I know that that stands in direct opposition to the Church's standings, but it is how I feel and where my agency leads me. I look at my children and know that they both deserve the same rights as anyone else. The mother of a gay child wants the same things for her children that a mother of a straight child wants. I believe that we are all children of our Father in Heaven and that He loves us all the same. We will not always follow His rules and at times we will all fall short, but His love is a perfect love and one that can not be taken from us because of the choices we make. I make mistakes and bad choices all the time. I do not always follow the teachings of Christ perfectly and neither does anyone else. I do not feel that one sin outweighs another. We take such a stance against gay marriage but not the same vocal stance against adultery? When two adults make the decision to marry that should be their own choice and not something that is decided by other people.

I have recently seen a list as to the six reasons why we should not allow gay marriage to be legal. The arguments seemed to be based out of fear and not have much basis to them. I was recently given the following list and I think that it helps to paint a clearer and more educated view on the points made. Please note that this was written by an active member of the church.

I understand that not all of my friends and family share my views and I respect that. As important as it is to some people to talk about and blog about why they are in favor of making gay marriage illegal, it is an equally important to me to talk about why I am in favor of allowing gay marriage. I am grateful to have my own voice and be able to vote with my own agency. I love all of you and I hope that you can all understand and respect my views.

The rebuttal to the six reasons is given in the following link. I urge you to really read it with an open mind. There is also another article here that talks about the church's efforts to make sure that Proposition 8 passes in California and the effects that it is having on members of the church.


Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...
Ironic-- I just posted in favor of the proposition again!

OCTOBER 27, 2008 2:37 AM
Amanda and Michelle said...
Greetings from California. I am an old friend of Barbie TerBlanche and I just clicked over from her blog.

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for this post. My partner and I were members of the church and, after many years of struggle, left to build our home together. Our families, and many of our dearest friends are active church members and this election season has been particularly straining. I'm finding myself impressed by your courage and christ-like compassion. Thank you for speaking from your heart and sharing your perspective with the world (well, maybe just the blogging world).

thanks again,

OCTOBER 27, 2008 3:09 AM
Sara said...
Sarah, I know that this position has caused you a lot of internal conflict. I also wanted to let you know that I am astounded by your ability to allow compassion and rationality prevail when looking at an issue that touches the basic human rights of an entire group of people.

As this final week wraps up, I range in emotions between outrage, disgust and sadness when I see the misleading propoganda spread on the street corners by Prop8 advocates. I am glad that the Thurston memo found its way into your hands and hopefully through you efforts it will be read by many more in the coming week.

Your friend,

OCTOBER 27, 2008 10:10 AM
Julie said...
Sarah, I wish I could give you a great big hug! I really appreciated what you wrote and I could not agree with you more. Thanks for having the courage to put your thoughts and feelings into words. You are not alone in them.

OCTOBER 27, 2008 1:15 PM
Rachel said...
Hi, Sarah,

I wanted to let you know that I'm glad you're speaking out, both on BZ and here. It's nice to have found a "kindred spirit" of sorts, especially when we can be made to feel so miserable about this issue. As tough as my skin may be, it still hurts.

We'll see what happens with Prop 8. I have an inkling that whether it passes or not, this isn't over for the church. I'm glad I'm not the only good Mormon girl against it. ;)

Your kids are adorable!

Rachel (ray ray from BZ)

OCTOBER 29, 2008 5:57 PM
Anonymous said...
The ammendment is not discriminating against gay rights. It protects the traditional family. By voting "no" you are discrimating against your own family values. This will just erode the value of the traditional family which is fundamental to our society and the gospel. So the question is you support the traditional family? Yes or No. Don't complicate it.

NOVEMBER 3, 2008 9:42 PM
Sarah and Matt said...
To anonymous-

How do you know what my family values are? What exactly is a traditional family and are you any less of a valued member of society if you do not grow up in one? Obviously I do not support your "traditional" family. I support families that love one another regardless of anything else.

By the way, why don't you be brave enough to put your name behind your comment. If I can make the stance I made and put my name to it surely you can do the same.


NOVEMBER 4, 2008 1:03 PM
Brittan said...
Yeah Sarah--you were right--we are far apart on this issue. I'm not going to be political on your blog--because I love coming to your blog to get updates on you guys. I haven't understood your facebook status updates (cowards/disgusted)--but now I guess I do :)

NOVEMBER 5, 2008 10:09 AM
Brittan said...
If you ever want to start a "political" blog where friends can debate issues--let me know--I'd write something every once in awhile--but it would have to be a blog for the purpose of controversy!

NOVEMBER 5, 2008 10:37 AM
Lolo Langstons said...
Hey sweetie,

I am so proud of you for writing this. It goes beyond your opinion, it is the fact that you have so much conviction that you are willing to put yourself out there. It is possible to find a place to stand even when your personal convictions do not align with your churches stance on social issues. You dont have to choose and I hope you dont let people around you make you feel like you have to choose.

Anyone in your life who chooses to seperate themselves from you as a result of your personal convictions is missing out. You are not missing out on something special...they are!



NOVEMBER 19, 2008 2:05 PM
Erika said...
I think you know I can relate as to what kind of turmoil it takes to fight when choosing to speak out in this way. You and Matt are kind, gracious and a true testament to what faith is supposed to be about.

You are appreciated and admired from worlds afar.

Love ya


NOVEMBER 19, 2008 10:55 PM
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I went to my first yoga class last night. It was amazing and today I am in incredible pain! The class began with the lights turned off, candles glowing and soothing music playing. We were told to close our eyes and let go of all the stress in our lives, all the expectations put on us by others and ourselves. I needed that!

I danced for many, many year so I thought I would be fine in a yoga class. Yeah, I might have danced for a long time, but that was a long time ago! As we worked through the stretches my body was screaming at me. I looked around to see people much older than me having no problem with the poses and stretches and here I was about to die. I stuck with it though and it paid the form of a nap! With 10 minutes to go we were told to lay down on our mats and relax. It was 10 minutes of quiet bliss. Any workout that begins with someone telling me to let go of all of my stress and ends with a nap is a great workout in my book.

Of course today I am finding that I have muscles that I didn't know existed, but I eagerly await my next class. Monday nights at 8:00 you will be able to find me at the Y letting go of my stress, becoming a warrior and taking a nap. You should try it out!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

This sums it up...

As you all well know (or will know if you hang out here), I am for the legalization of gay marriage. It is an unpopular position to take as a member of the LDS church, but it is truly where my conscious leads me. I do not understand the arguments against gay marriage. I truly feel that the positions taken are founded in fear. I truly do not care if my kids learn that two women can love each other the same way I love my husband. How is that a bad thing?! If my kids are gay then that is who they are. If they are straight that is who they are. Learning that there are gay people will not suddenly make them gay. I would hate to think that a child they know would have to be silent about their mommies and daddies, simply because it is not accepted by their family.

I have more to say on this, but this clip was passed on to me by a friend and sums much of it up for me. This is Keith Olbermann speaking about the recent passing of Prop 8.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just Sarah

I decided I needed my own blog so that I could blog about anything and everything I wanted to. This will not replace our family blog by any means, but it will give me a place to have my own voice without bringing the rest chez Mitchell into the mix.

So here you can read all about my thoughts on things and hear the inner workings of my head and heart. Sounds like so much fun, hu? This is me...just Sarah.